Hang up or order you Jackass!

Tell you me you haven’t seen this  Jackass floating around town.

This is the guy whose cell phone call is so important that he can’t hang up for the minute it takes to _______ (fill in blank).

  • order coffee
  • order food
  • pay for gas
  • pay for groceries
  • etc. etc.

Irrespective of the specifics, what this demonstrates is complete disrespect toward the human being on the other side of the transaction.

It’s one thing to stay on the phone while you use an ATM, gas pump, or self-service grocery check-out – those are machines. But once another person is in play and you continue jawboning away, well, you have entered the ranks of jackassery.

BTW – this also includes drive-throughs. Just because you are still in your car does not negate the other parties humanity.

Of course he feels justified because he flashes the “wait a sec finger.” You should flash him a finger of your own as well.

The sad thing is if you have had the privilege of overhearing these calls – Jackasses always talk to loud in public places – you realize these conversations hardly need to be continued. Nothing important is at stake. A quick “hey, can I call you right back – I need to order and pay for my coffee!” effectively ends the all degrees of jackassery.

Then again, diplomacy does not come easy to the jackass.

So next time you are in line and think it a good idea to call your mom who you haven’t talked to in weeks, think again. And when you step up and begin to order, hang up the phone you jackass!





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