Hospitality Jackasses who insist on saying, “My Pleasure!”

It must have been a hospitality industry consultant who made the determination that the phrase “my pleasure” is better than, say, “yes I can!”or “Down the hall then left!”

Only a consultant could come up with a phrase that is both ubiquitous and ridiculous.

Say I have checked into a hotel after a long plane ride. Knowing my room is still 10 minutes away I have a very simple and direct request.

“Can you show me where the rest rooms are?”

“My pleasure!”

Really? It is your pleasure to show me where the clearly marked restroom is?

Hate to tell you jackass, but you might want to reconsider what turns you on!

Once again at the core of this  jackassery is self-centeredness.

I am far more interested in not crapping my pants than receiving a moment-to-moment emotional well-being update. After all, aren’t you being paid to offer hospitality. That’s your job!

Hospitality by definition should be about me, not you. That is one of the reasons I am paying $40 a day for parking you jackass!




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