Jackass #18 – Guys who talk on thier cell phone while sitting in the bathroom stall.

How would you like to be on the other side of a call that is intermittently interrupted by sounds of “kerplunk” and flushing? Nice jackass friend you have there who concurrently launches a cell phone call and a submarine!

The first time I saw (and heard) this at airport public restroom, I just sort of shook my head in disbelief. I thought anyone who would talk on their cell phone while going number 2 must have some some sort of mental defect. I should feel sympathy rather than scorn or derision.

But then I learned this was not an isolated case at all! In fact, it rare today when I go in to a large public men’s room that I don’t see or hear someone on their cell phone. This has impossibly become somewhat normal!

What is so important it can’t wait? I would think a BM would take precedent over a call. And BTW how effectively can you wash your hands with a cell phone in one hand?

Somehow I think the ladies room doesn’t have this going on. Men are such unique jackasses sometimes!

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