Jackass #19 – Guys who cry at press conferences.

Talk about your jackasses, here is one that we’ve seen way too much of lately.

This is the guy (again, guys have a particular gift for jackassery) who not only do something egregiously wrong (usually to their family)  but then insist on holding a press conference for them to cry at while apologizing.

Should of thought of that before hitting the send button perhaps.

The whole crying/apologizing thing is a tired cliche. Those of us with a life don’t care about YOUR moral problems, we care about our own.

And hey jackass, if it’s a personal problem then why do you ask us to be “respectful of your privacy” while you work on it? The irony isn’t lost as this is said amidst a phalanx of reporters and cameras that you called for!

What we need is for someone to say, “yup, I cheated and am damn glad about it! It was an exciting and great distraction from my responsibilities. This situation gave me something to look forward to that was daring and reckless – a real contrast to my everyday life!”

Until that press conference (that will never come)  can’t these people just shut up?

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