Jackass #22 – Morons who talk in movie theaters.

Hey Jackass, the movie we all paid to watch is in a theater not your living room.

Sure, eat as loud you want, with your mouth open preferably. That is the jackass way to eat BTW. Intermittently belch and scratch your balls while you are at it (if you are a guy).

But if you really want to ring the jackass bell, talk through the entire film providing commentary for those of us too stupid to know who the stars are or what is going on with the plot.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard one of these blabbermouths state and restate the obvious.

“Hey, that’s Will Smith!” Really? Thanks, I would have never known had you not told me and the three rows lucky enough to sit by you and hear your booming voice.

The best case of this jackassery was years ago when I saw “The Sixth Sense.” The person near me commented to his date, “What Bruce Willis doesn’t know, is that he’s really dead!”

Thanks Jackass for ruining the movie…




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