Jackass #23 – Big Shots who ignore caller ID.

You know this jackass.

This is the BIG BUSINESS guy, seeing who is calling on his caller ID,  STILL has to answer “XYZ company!” or “This is Bill Jones!”

What a Jackass!

He can’t say, “Hi Steve, nice of you to call!”


The worst case of this, and I have seen this many times, is when it is their spouse who are calling.  It’s still the same business-y tone and message.

How about, “Hi Honey! Nice of you to call! I was thinking of how lucky you the mother of our children to call me at work!”

Instead it’s the abrupt, “Bill Jones speaking!”

And if you ask one of these jackasses what the rationale  is here they will fire back with more pompous big-shot idiocy.

“What if it’s not who the caller ID says? What if I am, say, spoofed!” I guess that happens, like, NEVER!

or it’s a philosophical thing….

“I just always answer the phone that way during business hours!”

Hey, I got philosophy for you, stop being a jackass!

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