Jackass #24 – Multi-level marketers.

Bring up Amway with me, you’ve crossed a line. Sorry there is no “hope in soap” for me!

I don’t want to buy your stuff. Nor do I want to get in business selling your stuff to my friends so you can make more money. I don’t care how good it is, how concentrated it is, or how much money it’s going to save me or make me.  I want my friends to be friends, not customers!

Whoever came up with this whole multi-level marketing scheme should have a special place in hell reserved for them. It’s just wrong for friends to peddle to their friends.

Unless, of course, you are a jackass. Jackasses have no problem introducing MLM (multi-level marketing) as “life changing opportunity” to their friends and family.

The other day I received  a call from someone you haven’t heard from in years. Was he calling to say “hi” or see how I was doing? Nope. Once the pleasantries were exchanged he got down to business. “Would I be interested in saving money on my phone and utility bills?”

This whole activity is simply wrong on so many levels. As we know jackasses never recognize this and simply proceed to hammer away.

Later these jackasses will all convene at some MLM organization pump up meeting baffled by their friends who simply  “don’t get it!”

These MLM douche-bags are even on the radio. I love this one jackass who leads with the trojan horse of  “working from home” and the “family values” that will ensue for those  who “gets started with the three step plan!” No mention of the $40 a bottle juice you’ll have to shill to your family and friends. Or is there any mention of the first order (over $1000) you’ll have to make in order to make money through his program.

Oh, and no reputable evidence that the lofty health benefits of the juice are true.

Jackasses don’t care about that.



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