Jackass #28 – Surewest Customer Service

Today I called my Internet Service Provider, Surewest Communications.

They answered the phone, “Thank you for calling Surewest Communications, how may I provide superior service today?”

I said, “I saw on the website that my address is eligible for 15 Mbps internet service!”

“That’s only available if you take the digital TV package!” she informed me. I informed her we have DirecTV and no need for another TV service provider.

I added, “Wouldn’t the superior service you promised at the beginning of this call be demonstrated by selling me what I want and am willing to pay for?”

“Sorry sir, the only way I can provide that speed is with the Digital TV package! Would you be interested in learning more about our Digital TV?”

“Actually no I wouldn’t,” I said adding, “what I would like is the faster Internet speed that is promoted on the website. This is promoted  without any mention of a Digital TV requirement”

“Sorry sir, I can only offer that speed with the TV service.”

“Can you explain to me, how not selling me what I want and am willing to pay extra for is providing superior service?”

“Sir, I can only offer the speed with the Digital TV package!”

And then the kicker…

“Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Hello! You didn’t help me with ANYTHING!

What a bunch of jackasses. Isn’t the idiocy completely obvious here?

When I experience stuff like this with no recourse, I shrug my shoulders and think from a business perspective, we’re doomed as a country. This seems pretty simple to me…




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