Jackass # 567 – Guys who wear Tank Tops

Does anything say “jackass” louder than a tank top?

Unless you are at the gym, or engaged in some other sport, wearing a tank top in public is a far greater faux pas than wearing shorts before Memorial Day or after Labor Day any time of  year.

The only exception would be if your name is Tony Soprano. Even he has the decency to cover himself up most of the time.

What’s the big deal?

Well the sweat, the underarm hair, the chest hair, the back hair are all in plain sight.

No offense, but we really don’t want to see any of that.

Nor are we interested in assessing your fitness level. The majority of people who insist on wearing tank tops, ironically, are not usually very fit.

People who live in God awful hot spots where the temperature regularly soars above 100 degrees, they get a pass. We still don’t like ’em, but we understand.

If the person has the choice between a regular short-sleeved shirt and tank top, choosing the tank top makes the fashion statement “jackass.”

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