Jackass #568 – Crazy Lane Changers!

I know you have experienced this Jackass. In fact, you might have even done this move yourself.

If you are still doing it, hopefully you will stop because this is a clear Jackass move.

Here’s the deal.

You are pulling out from a parking lot and you want to turn left up ahead. The road goes only one way and it is a highly trafficked thoroughfare. You must go right.  The only way to make the upcoming left is to cross three or four lanes immediately.

Unfortunately the steady stream of traffic (did I say thoroughfare?) makes this worthy of a professional stunt driver.

Our Jackass considers none of this and is NO stunt driver.

Jackass instead forces those behind him, drivers willing to make the right turn into legally correct lane, to needlessly wait while hundreds of cars speed by.

If an opening does miraculously occur, the Jackass then endangers all the oncoming traffic to a possible jackknife.

Great move Jackass! Hope you made it home to your trailer on time.

So if you find yourself pulling out onto a busy road, take the first lane as quickly as possible.

And if that bothers you, why not consider this, thinking through a better way to exit the parking lot?

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