Jackass Number 1 – Cellphone guy

The cellphone guy is in the jackass hall of fame. In fact, cellphone guy will reappear many more times as part of the 1001 – one for each egregious behavior. Bluetooth can be a category all by itself. Don’t people understand they don’t need to keep that ear peice on everywhere they go?

So let’s start with the most common bit of jackassery found with cellphones – talking WAY too loud. I know you’ve heard these jackasses jawboning away with their big “important” phone calls. You’ve heard them in restaurants, at malls, doctor’s offices, airports and public places. How about on the treadmill at the gym? What a bunch of jackasses!

First, cell phone microphones do not require someone to shout into them, even on the treadmill. They can pick up a whisper. Smart phones are one most advanced pieces of technology available – they don’t require an “outside” voice. Secondly, we are not interested in your conversation – and oh, you are not so hip and cool with your cell phone anymore – EVERYONE has one and we are not impressed!

So please jackass, help make a better world by piping the heck down!

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