Jackass Number 11 – People who tell you they are dieting!

We are all for America getting healthier. We are also all for people grabbing an apple instead of a Cinnabon.

But if there has ever been a jackass move, it’s telling everyone you can that are on a diet. First, we really don’t care – we are concerned with what we are going to eat, not you! Second, dieters have a bit of a “holier than thou” attitude when they make it public.

The worst instance is at a restaurant, when everyone around you is ordering fried appetizers and entrees with soup AND salad. Then Dr. Atkins chimes in with, “uh, I’m on a diet, do you have cottage cheese?” Please!

Dieting is misery – no matter what any bestselling diet book says. This is because you are literally starving yourself (at least partially).

So do us all a favor, keep your misery to yourself!

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