Jackass Number 15 – People who forward emails (part one).

This one is so bad it is a two-parter.

A Jackass is someone who thinks it is their “job” to forward political or humorous emails to everyone in their address book.

Well, that sort of defines SPAM doesn’t it?

Well these emailing jackasses haven’t figured that out as everyday another message I could do without arrives in my inbox.

BTW -most of what is forwarded is neither funny nor insightful. In some cases the messages are downright offensive and in poor taste. These are the sorts of messages you wouldn’t want found in your email box if you were, say, running for office. Remember, virtually everything on the internet is forever.

The question here is what, if anything, with search being all that it is, really requires forwarding anyway? People generally can get the information they are looking for with a few key words.

So stop forwarding me stuff you big bunch of jackasses!



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