Jackass Number 7 – People who pay with a check!

Hey Jackass, do you know what year it is?

That antique you just pulled out of your purse/pocket, yes the checkbook, in case you haven’t noticed has been completely replaced by EFT technology and the debit card.

Why now, in this long line, do you make everyone wait while you:

  1. Take out your checkbook
  2. Fill out the check
  3. Fill in the register
  4. Confirm “how much was the total again?”
  5. Find your ID that’s not already out
  6. Display your ID
  7. Have the cashier write your information on the check
  8. Put the ID back in wallet/purse
  9. Call the manager for approval
  10. Have the manager approve the check
  11. Have the cashier count out your cash back (these check cashers are always getting cash)
  12. Have the cashier hand you and your receipt.

I just entered and emerged from another epoch during this transaction. I now need to shave.

You realize is you had a debit or credit card this could have all been wrapped up in three steps and less than 20 seconds?

Of course you don’t, because you are a Jackass. Thanks!

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