Jackass(es) #20 – Customer services that hang up on you.

A dirty little not-so-secret for customer service centers is that many are severely understaffed and under resourced in terms of technology. They simply can not handle the volume of calls that comes in to them.

The worst of these, after putting you on hold for a couple dozen minutes, actually HANG UP on you. Call back, and the same thing happens. This is because hanging up on you is policy when calls reach a certain volume.

Hard to believe as this may seem, it’s absolutely true.

No executive will ever admit to this. Admission would be a public relations nightmare. Instead they offer up BS Bingo excuses like “due to unusually high call volume customer service may experience call drop off from time to time.”

This is pure Orwellian doublespeak as “service” is now something that hangs up on you. That meets no definition of service I know of.

Another is “as we migrate our customer service to the web, we may experience a few hiccups with our customers!” Hiccups? You mean if trying to locate my product all I need to do is hold my breath and drink some water upside down? No, these aren’t hiccups, they are real problems that require a conversation to solve.

The bottom line here is the company is too cheap to provide the proper solution staffing up and enhancing their telephone technology.

It’s either that or they really just don’t care (usually the case).

Whatever the case, systematically hanging up on a customer is a total Jackass move. Any company that does that should be avoided.

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