Jackasses # 29-564 The 2011 Congress of the United States

US Capital home to Congressional Jackasses

Rasmussen reports a 8% approval rating for these jackasses.

These mostly career politicians are completely missing the urgency of the moment and stay embroiled in politics as usual. Are we going to face our problems squarely, make the tough choices these problems need, and act boldly in a way where everyone participates in the solution?

Not a chance I am afraid.

As everyone in Washington loves to say, once again we’ll be “kicking the can down the road” as Congress votes to raise the debt ceiling to avert yet another crisis. This vote and ensuing “compromise” required to extend the debt will be sold to the public as a bill with trillions in cuts over the next ten years.

You can bet those cuts of the future will come under more severe scrutiny before they are every actually implemented. Most will never actually come to pass. It’s all just hot air and a way to make it through another day. Another day, the jackass way, that’s what I say!

And where is the leadership through all this? To quote George Carlin, “no where mon frere.”

So if you are expecting comprehensive tax reform that is both simpler and where everyone participates – forget it! Don’t look either for a global competitiveness strategy that includes education, trade and fiscal policy components – that isn’t coming either.  Finally don’t hold your breath for an energy policy that includes an immediate increase in production as well as conservation measures. These just aren’t priorities.

Instead it will be jackass business as usual – a lot of noise and bombast and no real change.



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