Overly “chummy” employees.

When I go to a business to buy something, like at a restaurant, I go there because I need to buy food.

If it is a take out place, I want to go in, place my order, pay my money, get the correct change, then leave. That’s it.

I am not interested in finding my new BFF.

In recent years I have noticed this new trend – certain businesses have everyone trained to act as if they are your long lost brother!

“Hey man!!” they say to you with an inflection and sincerity that would normally be saved for someone they actually had a relationship with.

Here is an enthusiasm that would normally be reserved for Bruce Springsteen seeing Clarence Clemens back from the dead.

So listen up Dude – I am buying a freaking burrito – and we are not hanging out together … EVER you jackass!

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