Perfectly healthy Jackasses who somehow scored “handicap” plates!

I know you’ve this seen this jackass.

The parking lot is full and the only spots left are reserved for people with disabilities – the ones who have the proper “handicap” plates or  tags on their car.

Only then you see someone pull in, with the proper tags, and then hop out of their car as if they are late to a gymnastics class! No clear disability!

What gives?

I would expect to see a wheelchair, a cane, or at the very least someone moving very slow coming out from a car in the disabled spot. Otherwise I gotta believe these are not people with disabilities but jackasses who have gamed the system and have “scored themselves some sweet handicapped tags!”

And yes, they think they are so smart. Jackasses always think they are so much smarter than everyone else on the planet.

One day at a Starbucks I actually overheard one of these JA’s bragging about, “how great it is never having to worry about parking or being late anywhere – my fake tags work great and the cops never check! Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

What an ass. I wanted to punch him right there.

I am all for special tags and special parking for the disabled, but, hey, I think it’s only fair that you actually are disabled in order to use them.


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