Shave off that “soul patch” you Jackass!

If there ever was a “moment” for these patches of hair on the chin, I think it passed with the early and sad death of its greatest progenitor Frank Zappa.  He is the only person (besides Rene Descartes and the Three Musketeers) who made this half-a-goatee hip and cool.

Plus, his patch was thick and full. Zappa was clearly committed to the patch.

This is in stark contrast to the many girly men metro-sexuals who sport some wispy patch of  near beard.

Zappa pulled it off. Not a surprise because he pulled a lot of stuff off. He’s in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He was the “real” deal.

Many sporting this facial hair aren’t any “deal” at all. They are merely posers.

Incidentally, they look ridiculous.

The consolation is nothing screams, “I so wanna be cool – but aren’t!” than this precious patch of lower lip stubble.

Howie Mandel wears one. So does Billy Ray Cyrus.

Need I say more? Case closed.

So if you wake up tomorrow and look and the mirror and see one of these patches in your mirror, shave it off you jackass!


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