The Guy who Invented the Timeshare

Timeshares are a freaking rip-off. Nothing more than another money-making vehicle dressed up as some kind of “special value” or better yet, “investment.”

These things are total dogs, and all you need to do is look at the current “timeshare resale” market and you’ll see people literally giving them away. Pay the ridiculously high annual maintenance fees and the owner will gladly hand you over the deed!

And why is this the case? Why do timeshares suck so bad?

First, because you must pay for them annually regardless if you use them or not. Incidentally, these fees are not cheap – averaging about $150 a day.

Second, and even more infuriating, is you have to manage them or you will lose the time (and fees) for that year. And managing these things is not easy.

There are points, tiers, and windows of eligibility where you can make reservations. Nothing is simple. It seems to be very confusing by design to encourage “owners” to lose their time.

The best part of all this are the fees. You are literally nickel and dimed all the way to no use. There are reservation fees, split week fee, cancellation fees and change fees. Can’t make it and want a friend to use it – no problem – just pay another fee.

These things suck and were invented by the world’s biggest jackass.

NEVER EVER buy a timeshare. Save your money and stay at hotel instead.  You’ll find you’ll have more choices and it might even cost you less money.


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