Whoever came up with the phrase “would you like fries with that?”

Many years ago some MBA Jackass figured out they could sell more fries by simply asking every customer “would you like fries with that?” after they place their order. Great right? Seriously what’s the big deal here?

The big deal is that this simple and seemingly harmless question has morphed into an obnoxious and ubiquitous strategy for scores of businesses. Everywhere you turn someone is “suggestive selling” you to buy more.

Call the airlines, “would you like to purchase an upgrade?”

Call the bank, “would you like to buy identity protection?”

Buy a TV, “would you like to purchase an extended warranty?”

And of course we can’t forget the infamous “under coating” offered near the very end of a new car purchase when you are worn and will say yes to simply get the hell out of there.

The other night at the restaurant we were offered so many things our 9-year-old called our waitress (oops…server) a “selling machine.” She was.

We were offered, soup, salad, an appetizer, wine, wine to take home, gift certificates, and of course desert. It was ridiculous. Every visit the server made to our table was a selling opportunity.

I don’t blame our server, she seemed nice and was most certainly just doing her job. She’s not a jackass.

But the person that started this? Complete Jackass.



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