Whoever invented the “chirping” smoke detector!

Smoke detector – good!

Chirping smoke detector –  bad!

Clearly designed by a Jackass.

In order to replace a battery you have to figure out where the hell the chirp is coming from. This chirp sound is so short and so high pitched it is hard to discern where the sound is coming from.

Making matters worse, the chirp is intermittent – often with intervals of several minutes. So even when you think you have a beat on which smoke detector needs the battery, you have to wait minutes between chirps for confirmation.

Oh, and you can be sure the chirping will start at 3AM on a night when you need a good nights sleep.

The brilliance of the jackassery of this design is astonishing!

Once you finally find the problem smoke detector,  you then have to figure out how to disconnect the damn thing! Best, the detector is affixed to the ceiling – the only way to reach is by being precariously perched high atop a ladder!

If you are lucky the battery compartment is on the outside and relatively easy to replace. If you are unlucky,  you have twist the damn thing to detach it from the ceiling to show a set of wires with a connection that you have never before seen in your life.

You are not yet through the woods (or back to bed) as the battery is behind a screwed in flap requiring a micro screwdriver to open. Try looking for that at 3 AM.

Assuming you have a stock of 9V batteries on hand, and the micro screwdriver, and you don’t fall off the ladder, you then get to try to hide the wires in the ceiling and twist this thing back into place. Good luck here as this is NOT easy.

So after you put the ladder away and head back to bed be very careful as you soon may hear another one start to chirp. That is because all the batteries usually go dead around the same time.

Jackass design hall of fame!

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