There are two rules for the 1001 Jackasses website:

No argument ad hominem. Calling someone a jackass without citing a specific behavior as in “he/she/they are a jackass just because…” doesn’t fly here. Admittedly this can be real hoot to do, and many of us do it every day, but we don’t do that here. In other words – respect the jackass, but not the jackassery.

No foul language. We recognize some consider the word jackass itself  foul – sorry we don’t. This site does however prohibit the use of profanity to make it reasonably safe for kids.

The point here is to have some harmless fun.  1001 Jackasses tries not to be mean spirited.

Many of us have been (and continue to be) jackasses ourselves.

If you laugh, that’s a win. If  you laugh and learn, thereby reducing jackassery in the world, then we desire consideration for a Nobel Prize.