Jackass Number 10 – People who give the wrong directions

Women always give men a hard time about not “pulling over and asking for directions”- forcing them to drive around aimlessly. This is a bit of a jackass move on the mans part, agreed.

But I am here to tell you why they don’t. Because the world is full of Jackasses who fail to allow a silly detail like knowing what they are talking about stop them from blathering on like they are some sort of expert. These stooges will gladly provide you bad advice and best of all, not know they are doing it! This is partly why men would rather figure out directions for themselves.

Turn left at the light, go four blocks, then go left…you can’t miss it! So off you go to find a dead end!

And really what can do about it at this point? Nothing, nothing at all.

What you’d like to do is drive back and find the guy who gave the directions and say, “hey Jackass, I got some directions for you, go to hell!”

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