Jackass #462 – The person who goes to the gym to play with their phone.

Examples of mobile phones and jackassery teaming up to make magic are legion. They are, indeed,  a match made in heaven. Where there is a cell phone/smartphone, you can be sure that a jackass is not far behind.

In fact, we’ve chronicled several beautiful examples of this finely tuned humanity before:

Well, guess what? We have discovered yet another gem of extreme self-centeredness to toss upon that smoldering bonfire of oblivious rudeness that is the staple of the 1001 Jackasses website.

He’s at the gym. He’s dressed to work out. He’s on the equipment. He looks ready to go. He might even be fit.

But wait, he’s got critical things to do on his smartphone. So much so that the machine he’s using, that should take five minutes, now requires thirty. This completely inhibits any turn you were expecting to get on it.

For this JA, working out is mostly a nuisance – something you do in between making super important Facebook posts and updates.

Best of all, in pure jackass form, you have no recourse but to endure this jackassery. That is because he’s got his headphones on, and a do-not-disturb cloud of zombie death surrounding him.

So don’t even think about doing something to make him notice you and hurry up.  Not going to happen.

Remember, jackass here.

So, what to do?

First, be sure you’re not that jackass. May I assure you that you can go without your phone for the time it takes to work out. Who doesn’t welcome a break from the information highway torrent? Oh yeah, the jackass!

Second, seek out alternate exercises that do not require equipment (a.k.a. jackass resting places). Time to dust of the burpees, pushups, and other exercises that don’t require equipment.  They will get you in better shape anyway.

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